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Many processing companies are not direct. This means that you are paying their fees plus a direct processor’s fees. Process Less on the other hand, is able to eliminate the middleman by placing your direct.

We certainly can! Please contact us so we can determine what type of processing solutions best fits your new business.

All businesses are unique and therefore shouldn’t be stuck into any one standard rate category. We recommend contacting us and letting our experts perform a free analysis on your current monthly credit card processing statement. Also, please be sure to include any current fees pertaining to your equipment. Once an analysis has been performed, we can provide you with a more accurate and custom rate pertaining to your business.

New and existing merchants can simply click here to get started. Once we receive your inquiry one of our next available agents will reach out. Usually within 24 hours.

Yes, we offer free equipment programs.

Absolutely! We ensure that all of our merchants are protected against fraud by providing EMV and PCI compliant processing methods.

Sometimes, in order for us to check this, we would need to know the model, serial number, and who that system processed with currently or previously in order to verify compatibility.

We provide world class 24/7 phone and email support. As one of our merchants. You will also have access to your own personal account representative that you can call or email for account related questions or concerns.

Our merchants receive next day funding with auto and manual batch options.

We offer a variety of credit card processing systems and methods that cater to all business types. Please contact us so we can see what solution works best for you and your business.

No, it is now illegal to charge additional fees when a customer is paying by credit or debit card. However, we have approved programs that eliminate your need to surcharge and also eliminates your fees all together!

Each business is different and may require additional time and steps but we can typically have you processing within 24 hours.